Rhumor's Application

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Rhumor's Application

Post  Rhumor on Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:06 pm

Tell me something about your real life. (for example: real name, age)
Well I\'m Jasper and I\'m 15 years old. I live in the netherlands and I speak fluent english. I\'m studying High School

How long have you been playing Tibia?
I\'ve been playing Tibia since version 7. Though I\'ve been retired many times e.g. 7.7-7.9. Sometimes I play real tibia but I get bored there real fast so I search for a fun OT to play on and make friends.

How long have you been playing OTs?
When I figured out about OT\'s I believe it was around 7.6 when Chaotica Server was one of the best out there. I learned alot about OT and also had many servers myself, serious ones and ofcourse fun servers. My best server had a peak record of 128 players online. For example one the servers where I had a position: Game-Ulty, Chaotica RPG and some more I can\'t really remember. But I\'ve been a scripter, mapper so you can ask me anything regarding an OT server.

Have you ever been a staff member? If yes, what position and on what server?
I\'ve had alot of positions, Tutors, Senior Tutors and more. Also I was a tutor on real tibia on my previous account which got deleted though. I am applying for a Tutor position here because I\'m helping alot already in Help Channel (one of the few) and I\'m pretty familiar with this server. Been playing here for more than 2 weeks so basicly I know everthing about this server. I also donated like 20 euros already so this was my application.

I hope to hear soon from you GM Chris Smile

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Re: Rhumor's Application

Post  GM Chris on Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:09 pm

Very nice application my friend. As I said im my other topic I'll decide the 22th of October. Please also show your activity on the forum. That's a big plus as well.

GM Chris

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